Dear world,

This blog has been my microphone since 2010. I wrote about my life and the problems around me that I faced. Through every experience, good and bad, you have been there. In a way, I grew from just another high school student blogging away her thoughts, to a medical student with a social responsibility through everything I wrote, whether it was published here or in the magazines I worked for.

Recently, the media in Jordan and the whole world appearsĀ to be so focused on the wrong things – even more than usual – that people and events which are worth puttingĀ under the spotlight seem to have been shadowed. For this reason, I have come up with a new idea for my blog: this new page called Community, where I want to shed light on initiatives and activities worth sharing.

This isn’t the whole story… I also want to give the opportunity to people who think they have a message to deliver to publish their writings on this page. I want this page to become an active platform for bettering our community through spreading awareness and effective, objective discussion of problems.

My first article is ready, and will be published in the upcoming days.. Stay tuned!

If you know an initiative worth writing about, or feel like contributing something yourself – in Arabic or English, please contact me on Help me focus the attention on people worth hearing out.

Lots of love,

Zeina Abu Orabi

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