I am a doctor, and this is something I always dreamed of becoming. Writing is something I’ve always done as a way to put my feelings out there, but I never really showed anything I wrote to anyone until my friend, Shahd, and I were talking back in 2010. I happened to mention that I do write, and she advised me to publish what I wrote because my voice can actually be heard. And so, my journalism career kicked off, and here I am, blogging!

My latest addition to this blog is Community; a page dedicated to shedding light on people making a positive difference to my world and yours. You can be featured on this page, or even contribute a piece of writing. Check out Community from the menu bar above.

P.S. Don’t forget to visit Shahd’s blog:  http://shahdhamouri.wordpress.com/

Thank you, Shahd, for making me do this. I’ll always be grateful.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. hahah zeina i guess im the second :/ anyways this seems like your home away from home keep writing and update me with the posts and never think to stop to write your ideas 🙂 last thing is keep us Broud 😉


  2. Hello,
    We are a new website, on wordpress , called The Future Won’t Wait writing about Jordan. We have read your website and we are asking you if you would like to write an article for our website; thefuturewontwait.wordpress.com
    Please email us on: thefuturewontwait@outlook.com if you we’re interested. We hope you contact us soon!
    Thank you


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