is the state we’re living in.

My day today turned from just a regular day at the hospital filled with scheduled patient visits, to recurrent calls on the speaker phone for blood donations and ICU teams to urgently head towards the ER… A bus was involved in an accident and at least 3 were reported dead.

Less than half an hour later, 7 people were confirmed dead, and more than 30 injured. The hospital was working at maximum capacity to accommodate the cases, reassure families and maintain function among chaos.

You can call it fate, or karma, or whatever you want to call it. I call it chaos. Chaos that we have been demanding stricter enforcement of traffic laws for years now but no one lifted an eye. Chaos that in a developing world, we seem to only be falling back.

Let’s face it, we’re experts at making excuses.

I’m sorry if this seems a little emotional, but I feel like the time to take action is overdue. Our public transportation system is in need of drastic reconstruction URGENTLY! Whether it is the dismal condition of buses, the ignorance of drivers to safety precautions or to the complete lack of a fixed schedule, the problem runs deep. And someone needs. To. Take. Action.

Until when will innocent blood be spilled?

May the lives that were lost today rest in peace, we’re all praying for you.

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