Friendly Note

Summers, for me, have always been about beginnings and endings.

From graduations to weddings, it’s a busy season where everyone seems to be closing one chapter of their lives and moving onto the next. And along with these changes comes change in the people around you. I for one always seem to make new friendships during summer… Some that last and many that don’t.

Those who know me well know that I’ve had my fair share of different experiences in friendships, ranging from bad to absolutely amazing. I have friends who I’ve known for over a decade; many I call family, and I’m thankful for this everyday because it is these people who keep me going, who encourage me to pursue my dreams, and who I’d take a bullet for any time. Yet, I’ve also met people who I no longer call friends, but I remain appreciative of knowing them because of the valuable lessons I learned.

Quite recently, one of my friends (who I consider more like a sister) told me about a falling out between her and one of her friends. This is why I’m writing this post, to share my experience not only with her, but also to all of you out there who continue to read my blog although I don’t update it very often. You, my wonderful readers, have continued to support me since 2010, and I will be eternally grateful.

Learn to let go. Not everyone you meet in your teenage years will last your lifetime. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad people, but don’t let those who are not willing to be positively influencing your life take up the space of others who could. Don’t be angry, don’t be sad, try to accept it and let go.

Everyone’s out for their best interest. So don’t forget to do the same for yourself. But always, ALWAYS, give back to the people around you. Help someone out, good deeds can be so little yet mean so much.

Which brings me to: stop expecting. Stop expecting people to do the things for you that you’re willing to do for them. If you have the power, time and energy to contribute, then go ahead. If you don’t, it’s okay to say no. It’s also okay if you don’t get the same treatment back.

Initiate, but don’t persist too much. Make the first phone call or set up a gathering. It never hurts to be the one to want a friendship to work, but if you’re the only one who’s always initiating then it might be time to let go. Try to make the friendship work, but if you’re the only one trying it’ll never work!

Ask. I was close with a girl a while ago and we suddenly stopped talking. I called and straight up asked if I did anything wrong. We all make mistakes, and it always helps to clear up the atmosphere. Regardless of the outcome, I did my part!

Don’t let anyone stop you from chasing your dreams! It’s one thing to receive advice, but there ARE people who will try to put you down. There are bullies who will stop at nothing to make you less happy than you are. To me, bullies are the worst kind of people, because instead of working on their own issues, they focus their negativity on you. FIGHT THEM hand and nail, not by violence, but by ignoring them and focusing on what matters most: you!!!!

Grow. Learn something everyday that changes you a little. Aim to be better than who you were yesterday. Stand up for what you believe in. Find happiness in yourself.

This post is just a small compilation of things I had to say. I hope it helps someone out there even with just a word or two.

Lots of love,


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